Hot Reader’s Wife from Birmingham talks about making sex interesting?

There probably never was (nor it will ever be) a man who didn’t ask himself at one point of the life: “how to make sex more interesting”. There are several reasons why, for some people, sex is not, or has become uninteresting. The main reason is that it, like anything else, it gets boring over time. This is a big part of the trouble men go through in their marriages. This problem is probably one of the most frequent causes of so many divorces we are witnessing. The question is, how can something that natural, becomes boring? Aren’t we made to like it, just as we like drinking water? The answer to that question leaves the realm of the physical and enters the realm of the psychology of human mind. There are many things in human mind that look unrelated and disconnected, when in fact – they are all connected. A stressful and troublesome life can affect the sex life like nothing will. Sometimes, a man feels trapped by his woman and his sexuality becomes tight as a mechanism of protection against that kind of captivity. But, this article will cover the things you can do in the very act of lovemaking that could make a change in your sex life.

Roleplay is the one thing you can always start with. Roleplay is not as a shallow topic as it might seem, and there is a multitude of kinds of roleplay and different things you could do to make your bed go on fire. Roleplay is an emotional preparation as much as physical. Whether we’re talking about the romantic lovemaking or the wildest fuck of your life, a connection has to be made. So, it should be taken into consideration the kind of roleplay, duration, tempo. All those things have to be felt, and lived, and both of the young couples have a shot to reaching the highest peak of the sexual intercourse. There are numerous ways in which a man can stimulate woman’s vagina in a way that she feels very ready to jump on that horse. The use of sex toys is another great advice. Think of when you were a kid, and remember how many possibilities you had with a single toy. Well, it’s the same with this, and those toys could help you stimulate you woman in a way your tongue could never do.

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This is a moment when the sexual intercourse and the penetration actually begin. Even though we all think we tried all possible position, the real number is higher than you might think. There are so many of them, just waiting to be discovered that it such a shame not to try some out. Different positions stimulate both men and women in a different way. Some poses bring more intimacy, some bring controlling possibilities and so on. These positions all trigger different chakras which, when activated, start to release a huge amount of energy that can be used to reach the highest peak of the sexual pleasures. This is a known as the Kama Sutra, even though it has a couple of other names and different variations. In any case, make sure you try some of them out, with a careful study and consideration of each pose. You will love the feeling as your body starts to feel all kinds of different sensations you never felt before. The women love to be taken care of or to be controlled, so it’s always good for a man to look for positions in which he gets to be the strong, masculine man who satisfies his woman.

Another great idea you might want to consider is – especially if you have a mature woman as a sex partner –  watching porn together. Many people find this very arousing and have reported that it affected and stimulated their imagination like nothing else did. Many couples just love watching and listening as the hottest, most stimulating and exciting sounds of sexual intercourse is coming out of the speakers. A lot of people also consider having a threesome. If both man and woman have nothing against it, a threesome might be the wildest and most exciting thing that could ever happen to a couple. Having another sex mate in bed brings a whole another world of unknown and the unexplored possibilities. Having another woman in bed give a man a new strength and motivation to try a bit harder than usual! As the possibilities are endless and every couple should take their time and sexually experiment to see what kind of sex positions they should try. And the last piece of advice, try doing something dangerous, like having sex in a restroom of some unknown restaurant. The feeling of danger will make the blood rush through your veins faster and your hearts will beat harder. Time to make sex the most interesting thing in the world once more!

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